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ResApp Health Limited (ASX: RAP), the developer of smartphone medical applications for the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease, today announced that it has received institutional review board (IRB) approval at the Massachusetts General Hospital for the SMARTCOUGH-C study.

SMARTCOUGH-C is a prospective, multi-site, double blind study that will evaluate the efficacy of the ResAppDx software application in the diagnosis of childhood pneumonia and other respiratory conditions from cough sounds.

The primary endpoints for the study will be the diagnosis of pneumonia with secondary endpoints being diagnosis of other common childhood respiratory diseases such as upper respiratory tract infection, croup, bronchiolitis and asthma. Today, respiratory disease diagnosis is based on a combination of auscultation, imaging and laboratory tests. An instant, accurate diagnostic test delivered via smartphone could greatly improve patient management, give greater access to healthcare and reduce costs.

Worldwide, pneumonia is the leading cause of death of children under 5 years of age and is the most common reason for US children to be hospitalised.

The details of the study will soon be published on the US National Institutes of Health clinical trials database at

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About ResApp Health Limited
ResApp Health Limited (ASX: RAP) is a digital health company developing smartphone applications for the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease. The technology is based on machine learning algorithms that use sound alone to diagnose and measure the severity of respiratory conditions without the need for additional hardware. The algorithms were initially developed by The University of Queensland with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ResApp has both adult and paediatric clinical studies underway with preliminary results demonstrating accurate diagnosis of pneumonia, asthma/viral wheeze, bronchiolitis, croup and upper respiratory tract infections in children as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and pneumonia in adults. Markets for ResApp’s technology include telehealth use through partnerships with telehealth service providers, emergency department and regular clinic use by healthcare providers, at-home use by consumers and working with global aid and humanitarian organisations to deliver tools for the developing world.

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