Shareholder FAQs

What are the contact details for ResApp?

Level 12, 100 Creek St
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Phone: +61 7 3724 0035

Who is the share registrar for ResApp Health?

ResApp Health’s share register is managed by Link Market Services Limited.

Link Market Services Limited
Level 12, QV1 Building
250 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000

Telephone: +61 1300 554 474 (toll free within Australia)

Who are the auditors for ResApp Health?

Grant Thornton Audit Pty Ltd
Level 18, 145 Ann Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

How do I buy and sell shares in ResApp Health?

ResApp Health’s shares are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and can be bought or sold through a stockbroker, bank or financial institution that offers brokerage services. For more information on stockbrokers visit the ASX website,

How do I change my address?

If you are broker sponsored and have been allocated a Holder Identification Number (HIN) which begins with an “X” you should contact your broker to make this change.

If your shareholding begins with an “I”, you have a Security Reference Number (SRN), you can change your address online via the Link Market Services Investor Centre. You will need to have your SRN handy to login.

How do I obtain a copy of the Annual Report?

A copy of the annual report can be downloaded in the Investor section of this website. The report is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view it.

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ResApp Health Limited
ABN 51 094 468 318
Level 12, 100 Creek St, Brisbane, QLD 4000

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