Instantly screen for COVID-19 using only a smartphone

ResApp is developing the world’s first COVID-19 instant screening test that will use cough sounds to indicate the presence of a COVID-19 infection.

ResApp has previously developed the only regulatory approved diagnostic for respiratory disease using cough sounds analysed on a smartphone. This experience uniquely positions the company to deliver an instant screening test for COVID-19 and its variants that will have applications for consumers, businesses and governments globally.

By using its large dataset of clinically-labelled non-COVID-19 cough samples, including coughs from patients with non-COVID-19 lower respiratory tract infections, ResApp will be able to ensure that any COVID-19 screening test developed accurately identifies COVID-19 and not other respiratory diseases.

ResApp has three clinical trials currently recruiting patients in the United States and India to collect cough sounds, symptoms and validated COVID-19 status through PCR testing. These studies will generate the high quality data, backed by accurate ground truth labelling through PCR testing, that is needed to train a robust machine learning algorithm. The studies are also collecting PCR test cycle thresholds, allowing evaluation of algorithm sensitivity to viral load.

Clinical studies

A Pilot Study for the Collection Of Vocalized, Individual Digital Cough Sound Recordings to Screen for COVID-19 (COVID-Cough)

Cough Sound Recordings to Understand COVID-19-like Symptom Progression to Understand COVID-19-like Symptom Progression

A Pilot Study for the Collection Of Vocalized Individual Digital Cough Sounds from patients with suspected COVID-19 in India

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